What we know about the Big Papi oil drilling project near Loving

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An oil and gas operator proposed drilling six oil wells in southern Eddy County near Loving on federal public land.

In considering the application to drill by COG Operating, the Bureau of Land Management conducted an environmental analysis finding minimal impacts and recommending the project be approved.

The analysis identified several environmental impacts to air quality, water and wildlife, finding those impacts would be successfully mitigated in the project.

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If approved, COG would build the wells on two well pads along with a central tank battery, access roads and flowlines and power lines.

In total, the location encompasses about 400 acres of BLM land.

Input can be provided to the BLM until Oct. 12 either online at the agency’s website or via mail to the BLM Carlsbad Field Office, Attn: Zane Kirsch, 620 E. Greene St., Carlsbad, N.M. 88220.

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Here are the main points from the agency’s environmental analysis of the COG’s Big Papi project.

Air quality

The BLM found the facility could contribute to air pollution in Eddy, Lea and Chaves counties, mostly through volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Exposure to all three are known to cause respiratory problems and lung damage, and they can contribute to the formation of ozone (O3).

But the analysis found the additional pollutants expected from Big Papi would contribute little to the overall effects of oil production in the rural region, and that the wells would likely not be developed concurrently, meaning pollution impacts would not happen at the same time for all six wells.

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