U-Haul announces 2022 opening for moving and storage center in Carlsbad

Demands for secure self-storage units and moving services prompted U-Haul to build a facility in Carlsbad.

July 1 the Phoenix, Arizona- based company acquired property west of South Canal Street and U.S. Highway 62/180, a news release from the company stated.

The company, founded in 1945 in Ridgefield, Washington, planned a three-story storage center which would sit on 6.23 acres and should open by next year, read the release.

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Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) Marketing and Business Development Director Jeff Campbell said U-Haul’s search for property in Carlsbad was nearly three years in the making.

“Back in 2018 I assisted them with property searches for this project,” he said.

Jeff Campbell, director of marketing and business development at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce speaks to visitors before introducing the 2017 class of Carlsbad's 40 Under 40.

The 100,000 square foot Carlsbad facility would house a 700-plus indoor, Americans with Disabilities (ADA)-accessible self-storage rooms with climate-control options and high-tech security features, the release read.

U-Haul Company of Southern New Mexico Vice President Bianca Sotelo-Herrera said the Carlsbad location would offer items for movers.

“We’re going to continue bringing our customers trucks and trailers and the rentals. We’re also going to be offering (trailer) hitch installations for those that want a tow and maybe don’t have the accessory on their vehicle. We can help with that and be local,” she said.

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Campbell said population growth in Eddy County indicated a need for a company like U-Haul in Carlsbad.

“Eddy County had the fastest growth rate according the 2020 Census at 15.8 percent in the State, so yes,” he said.

A U-Haul Moving and Storage Center in North Anchorage, Alaska. A similar facility was scheduled to open in Carlsbad in 2022.

“We’re working with the city to improve residents’ quality of life through residential mobility and by meeting their storage needs.”

Herrera said U-Haul is an equipment share company and wanted a location in Carlsbad.

“We were finally able to make a move to get our foot in there and help our customers by being more convenient,” she said.

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Herrera said ground could be broken sometime this year in anticipation of next year’s opening.

U-Haul planned to hire 15 employees for its Carlsbad location, the press release indicated.

Herrera said the number of employees could grow depending on feedback and service from Carlsbad customers.

One of two full-sized U-Haul trucks loaded up with supplies for the Tallahassee Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue Team, also known as Florida Task Force 7, sits ready to go as the team prepares to deploy to Surfside to aid in the aftermath of the Champlain Towers South Condo collapse at Fire Station 4 on West Pensacola Street Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Campbell said U-Haul’s presence meant more job opportunities for Carlsbad area residents.

U-Haul has moving and storage locations in Roswell and Hobbs, per the release and company website.

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