Science organizations hosts STEM summer camp

Inspired by Science invites young learners, between the ages of 7-12, to join the virtual STEM summer camp on July 12 – 15, to learn about the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math. 

Two young campers watch as hydro-gel balls absorb water for an Inspired by Science project during their winter 2020 camp.

The organization announced that the last day to register for the Inspired by Science camp is June 30 with a fee of $15. Registration is limited to the number of kits they have available.  

Campers will get the opportunity to learn about concepts like motion, energy and chemical reactions with hands on activities they can do from home. Participants will get a kit that includes everything they need complete activities and projects and get the chance to use problem solving and critical thinking skills during STEM challenges.  

“Generally speaking, we aren’t putting anything crazy in them,” said Deena Antiporda regarding the kits. “We want kids to realize that you can do science with just household items. You know science is everywhere around us. We wanted them to realize it’s that easy to create science and to learn about it.” 

Participants learned about physics in the bridge building challenge during the Inspired by Science 2020 summer camp.

This summer Inspired by Science will be mailing out kits for the first time, according to Antiporda, allowing kids from all over the country to participate.  

Inspired by Science has held its annual summer camp since 2013. Traditionally the camp was held in person at the New Mexico State University Carlsbad community college but went online due to the pandemic last year. This allowed the program to grow from 100 participants to almost 400 students and included participants from as far as Texas and Washington.