OMWD names winners in ‘Love Water, Save Water’ poster contest

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ENCINITAS — Winners of the annual “Love Water, Save Water” youth poster competition were recognized by Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors at its June 16 meeting.

Students from fourth-grade classes in OMWD’s service area participated in this year’s competition. All three winners are from Stone Ranch Elementary School in 4S Ranch.

The first place winner was Norah Shin. Her poster features a faucet with a globe-colored water drop positioned between two hands making a heart.

Second place went to Rishika Varma. Her poster shows two hands holding the earth, with prominent trees and a large water drop.

Aila Ocampo received third-place honors. Her artwork depicts ocean creatures offering water saving tips.

“The poster contest is a fun way to engage today’s youth and raise community awareness on the importance of using water efficiently,” said OMWD Board Director Bob Topolovac. “It not only gets each student thinking about ways to save water, but will also help to inspire others to make water conservation a way of life.”

This was the 28th iteration of the annual poster contest that asks fourth grade students to draw images to demonstrate the importance of water use efficiency in San Diego. The theme for this year’s contest was “Love Water, Save Water.” The contest teaches students the value of water as a limited resource and the importance of using it efficiently, while providing OMWD with locally produced artwork to reinforce this message to its customers.

The three posters will be featured in a 2022 Water Awareness Calendar.


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