More rain, hail on the way for southeast New Mexico, storms to persist

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Clouds dot the Carlsbad landscape as rains fell in Eddy County.

Southeast New Mexico’s parched desert could be getting a much needed gulp as rain was predicted through the weekend and early next week. 

Increasingly severe storm weather was forecast to continue in the region after heavy storms were reported last weekend.

A weather pattern stretching from Carlsbad, through eastern New Mexico and as far north as Kansas Monday night saw heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes from the Rocky Mountains.

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Southeast New Mexico, including Eddy and Lea counties, was included in a tornado watch on Saturday that encompassed parts of West Texas, but no touchdowns were confirmed in the area and the watch was withdrawn that night.

Large-sized hail was reported to have fallen in parts of Eddy County and throughout the area, but the severe weather appeared to subside early this week with the National Weather Service forecasting mostly sunny conditions Wednesday and Thursday with highs of 96 and 98 degrees, respectively.

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