Letter: Time to fix a Moonlight Beach parking problem

The most cherished parking, over look spaces above the ocean at the bottom of “C” Street/Moonlight Beach in Encinitas needs to be looked at and addressed. I’ve made phone calls to the city over the years and have been told my suggestions would be addressed, but nothing has ever changed.

A 30 minute time limit would allow so many more people per day the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or a sandwich in their car while taking in this spectacular view. Seniors and disabled persons who might not otherwise enjoy access to the beach could benefit as well. Perhaps too, in winter months when whale watching is an added bonus, increasing the opportunity for sharing seems only fair.

As a 35 year resident of Encinitas and Cardiff, I visit this site frequently. What I’ve witnessed more often times than not, are hoarders who spend the entire day camped out, many of those who live in their vehicles taking advantage of the priceless real estate they monopolize. Too, and especially in summer months are lifeguards and camp counselors who I can only assume are parked for 6-8 hours.

What a shame this beautiful resource has not been addressed and better monitored.

Kevin Dodson