It’s back to school time!

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We all wonder exactly what our children learned during the past year.

Are they prepared for next year’s curriculum, or have they fallen behind? Encinitas Learning Center has groups forming that ease our students back into the academic regimen through a systematic but enjoyable class called Executive FUNction. Executive functions are the skills needed to be successful academically.

The 7 Identifying factors of Executive DYSfunction are:

1.  If you help structure assignments, homework gets done.

2. If you say, “Go do your homework,” then check to find it isn’t complete, or even started.

3. When you ask your child to go upstairs and get ready for bed, she goes upstairs, but then gets distracted and forgets what she was to do.

4. Your child’s room could be described as chaotic.

5. You ask your child to wait while you finish a phone call before he tells you something important, but by the time you hang up, he’s forgotten what he wanted to say.

6. If you ask your child to retell a story you just told, she has a hard time and skips key details.

7. Your child has difficulty keeping in mind all the elements required to participate in a  sport.

If the above describes your child, our executive FUNction sessions are for them! Perfect Timing? Yes indeed! 

Get help now with reading, writing, comprehension, math, Spanish, science, attention, memory, organization and more. 

At Encinitas Learning Center, our students make years of improvement in a matter of weeks with our individualized instruction.

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