In the aftermath of floods, work continues

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Safety is always our number one priority, and when waters were coming in on June 29, our first responders acted very quickly to alert those who were at the greatest risk. This included those who lived near Boyd Drive, those who lived in the James Street area, and the transient population near Lower Tansill Dam. In fact, the transient individuals near Lower Tansill were believed to be at the greatest risk and received the earliest evacuation notice.

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According to the Carlsbad Police Department, officers first went into the Lower Tansill area at around noon to proclaim – both through a bullhorn and through direct communication – the evacuation need – immediately after the risk became apparent.  This was about an hour and a half before the water arrived to the area. We were able to confirm, verbally, that there was nobody remaining in the area. We have continued communication as other weather concerns have come up. 

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