Encinitas Parks and Rec Department Announces 2021 Summer Guide

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ENCINITAS – The Encinitas Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department announced that it will be offering a number of camps and programs this summer that comply with San Diego COVID-19 safety protocols.

The health and safety of participants will continue to be our main focus” the Department said in an email update.

Registration for the camps will begin April 19 for residents and April 21 for non-residents. Youth and teen programs include topics such as karate, cooking, and yoga. Programs for 50+ adults have a predominant focus on fitness, while also offering some artistic classes. A wide range of sports activities will also be available to all ages.

The Encinitas Junior Lifeguards program is currently on standby in hopes and speculation that San Diego County regulations will loosen before the summer begins. Current guidelines limit group numbers to just 12 people and require groups to be spaced 6 feet apart. Due limited space at Moonlight Beach, the Junior Lifeguards program fears they would have to drastically limit the number of participants.

 “Please be patient and understand that the Encinitas Lifeguards are exploring all possibilities as we are eager to run the program” read the website.

In addition to these summer programs, Encinitas will be offering a number of online classes to adults.

The Summer Camps and Recreation Guide will be mailed to Encinitas residents this weekend and is available online now at the Encinitas Parks and Rec website.

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