Eddy County War pits Carlsbad Cavemen against Artesia Bulldogs

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Welcome to play-by-play of the annual Eddy County War. The Carlsbad Cavemen and the Artesia Bulldogs have met more than 100 times in this rivalry.

Carlsbad was to host Artesia in the rivalry football game, but last minute changes meant teams traveled to Hobbs’ Watson Memorial Stadium in neighboring Lea County which recently saw some of its COVID-19 restrictions lifted to allow sporting events. 

In 2018 Carlsbad defeated Artesia, 28-14, for the first time in five years. And in 2019 repeated the feat 48-35, when Carlsbad’s Nate Najar scored on a 12 yard run in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

A live stream of the game will be available at 7 p.m.

A full recap of Friday’s game will be in the Sunday edition of the Carlsbad Current-Argus.

Follow the game live on Twitter with Mike Smith at @ArgusMichae.

Live blog

7 p.m. Kick off

First Quarter 

Two minutes before kick off and the stadium is starting to fill up.

Carlsbad kick’s off. Artesia has it at their own 35. 

Braxton McDonald receives first pass on opening drive. Gets into Carlsbad territory at 37. 

Artesia two incomplete passes, 11:38 left in opening quarter. 

Braxton McDonald tackled on fourth down. Carlsbad gets the ball on downs.

Jesse Rodriguez two long runs for Carlsbad.

Carlsbad driving into Artesia territory ball now at Artesia 27. 

Current drive started at Carlsbad 40. 

Cavemen trying to drive into the end zone. Artesia defense playing tough. 

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