Eddy County gets close to 50 percent of full COVID-19 vaccinations

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Eddy County could hit a COVID-19 vaccination milestone in two weeks, said a deputy cabinet secretary with the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH).

Dr. Laura Chanichen Parajon said 869 Eddy County residents needed to receive both COVID-19 vaccinations before the County hits the 50 percent mark of full vaccinations.

As of Sept. 22, 48 percent of Eddy County’s population received both COVID-19 vaccinations, read DOH data.

DOH said 56 percent of Eddy County residents received at least one dose as of Sept. 22.

Eddy County’s adult population was 42,816, read DOH figures. 

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Parajon said Eddy County might reach the 50 percent plateau sometime in October.

“Any improvement anywhere in the state helps,” said Dr. David Scrase, acting DOH secretary. “What we’ve learned in the last couple of weeks we’ve actually had without knowing it, provided huge protection for our kids and dramatically reduced hospital rates of New Mexico kids as a result of all of us getting vaccinated.”

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