Eddy County ends 2021 with $4M surplus for fiscal year 2022

Eddy County government ended the 2021 fiscal year on a strong note. Despite lack of collections of some tax revenue.

July 27 Eddy County’s Board of County Commissioners closed out the final month of the previous fiscal year that ended June 30.

Smith said Eddy County collected over $2 million in gross receipts taxes (GRT) and $3.6 million in oil and gas receipts.

She said GRT revenue collected during the 2021 fiscal year was 16 percent lower than 2020.

A pile of cash with a bag of money sitting on top.

Smith said money transfers from two indigent fund GRT’s in March helped the County’s overall budget.

“We did come in over budget a little over $3 million for gross receipts tax. If we didn’t have those two GRT’s we would have come in real short. Probably around $170,000 under GRT, which is pretty much right on target,” she said.