Carlsbad community helps homeless people affected by flash flood

Days after a flash flood swept over a homeless encampment, local businesses and organizations are stepping up to help those who lost everything. 

On June 29 the Lower Tansill Dam in Carlsbad, New Mexico overflowed, flooding the “tent city” that hid among a grove of bushes and cacti. Residents of the encampment had only minutes to evacuate before the area was consumed by the water. 

“We lost our tent, we lost our clothes, we lost everything,” said a homeless woman that did not want to be named. “Thank god we still got our peoples.” 

The Carlsbad Community Hope Center, a homeless shelter located less than a mile away from the flooded encampment, has done their best to try to get this already struggling community back on their feet. Robert Jacquez, co-founder of the organization, said the shelter collected donations and provided dry clothes and other basic necessities. 

“The homeless people I have talked to are devastated, as it is they are already downtrodden,” Jacquez said. 

He described people coming to him soaking wet with the few items they were able to salvage. 

“I think we need to band together and show them that we love them. Show the love of God to them as a community, whether we agree on their lifestyle or not, they are still human beings,” Jacquez said.