Carlsbad City Council approves $164M public works spending plan

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Carlsbad City Councilors approved a nearly $164 million spending blueprint for future public works projects at an Aug. 24 meeting.

The Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) is a working capital project list for the city, wrote Carlsbad Municipal Services Director Angie Barrios-Testa in a memo to City Council.

The ICIP went through several levels of city government before staffers presented the recommended plan to councilors Aug. 10.

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Councilors provided input before the final vote on the ICIP was taken.

Barrios-Testa said a new project was added before final approval and that was $900,000 for a new recreation area at 6-Mile Dam south of Carlsbad.

According to the ICIP, phase one of the project would cost the City $400,000 for preliminary design and planning. Phase two would construct a recreation area into existing city property.

“Future phases will connect walking, running and non-motorized bike trails from the Lower Tansil area along the Pecos River to the new 6-Mile Dam Recreation area, read the ICIP.

A map of the Double Eagle Water system

“There are some funding sources that are coming available that would be perfect,” Barrios-Testa said.

Among the other projects is $1.5 million to plan, design, construct and replace existing waterlines in the Double Eagle water well field, the ICIP indicated.

The plan stated $500,000 was previously funded the project and more than $4 million is needed for the rest of the project.

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