Beautiful blown glasswork produced and on display in Carlsbad Village

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Barrio Glassworks is the realization of a family dream. After a serendipitous accident derailed their winter plans in 2012, the Raskin/Devlin family landed on the famous glassblowing island of Murano, Italy. Like so many others, Drew, Mary and Gary were transfixed as they watched master glassblowers at work, not realizing they were about to embark on the journey of their lives. Drew Raskin, an emerging multi-faceted artist, fell in love with the form and it was not long before his parents did too.

Barrio Glassworks is a public glassblowing studio and retail gallery located in the heart of downtown Carlsbad. It opened in December 2020. Situated in the historic Barrio community of Carlsbad Village, the studio and gallery provide a unique experience and environment for residents and visitors alike. The studio includes an open viewing section for the public, allowing an up-close and personal look at the mesmerizing art of glassblowing every day.

After watching live glassblowing, you will certainly want to visit the Barrio Glassworks gallery that features beautifully designed, handmade objects by glass artists from San Diego, Southern California and beyond. They are dedicated to representing artists at all stages of their career whether emerging, mid-career and well established. They are currently showcasing the work of San Diego-based glass artist Nic McGuire in their gallery. This show features “Monarch Flutter” a wall installation of butterflies whose colors and shadows dance all over the walls.

After such inspiration, you can experience the movement and beauty of hot glass by making your own unique glass paperweight during a 30-minute experience assisted by Barrio Glassworks team members. Friends and family are welcome to watch and photograph. Individual sessions can be booked online and groups of five or more can be scheduled in person at the studio or by calling 760.696.3288.

Barrio Glassworks
3060 Roosevelt Street

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