What we know so far

Public officials have expressed concern about a migrant transition facility — presumably to process foreigners seeking asylum in the United States — that may open in Carlsbad.

Eddy County leadership announced on social media that they were informed of the facility on Saturday. The announcement states that the facility is a part of an agreement between the federal government and a private contractor and that the county had no involvement in it.

The City of Carlsbad hired Roswell attorney Richard Olson, who spoke at a City Council meeting on Tuesday. Olson said the current plans for the facility is to house families for up to 72 hours before being transferred to their host family or sponsor.

“No contract has been entered into by anybody,” Olsen said.

He said the City of Carlsbad received notice from Sen. Martin Heinrich’s (D-NM) office, but no decision has been made regarding possible location of DHS detention facilities.

“Sen. Heinrich’s office has also informed the City that as DHS moves through the process, they’ll brief the Congressional delegation, local and state governments and non-governmental organizations about the process and keep them in the loop,” he said.