Texas man Loving woman die in Friday Carlsbad car crash

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New Mexico State Police investigated a crash Friday night south of Carlsbad that killed two people.

New Mexico State Police said two people died during a two-vehicle crash south of Carlsbad Friday night.

Rycke Underwood, 31, of Quitman, Texas died when the car he drove crashed into an SUV near the intersection of Kircher Street and San Jose Boulevard around 10 p.m., read a news release from New Mexico State Police.

Bernice Duque, 52, of Loving and a 13-year-old girl were passengers in the SUV driven by a 53-year-old man, State police said in the news release. 

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The names of the driver and girl were not released to the media by officials.

The driver of the SUV, Duque and the girl suffered unknown injuries in the crash and were taken to an area hospital. Duque and the girl were later transported to a Texas hospital. Duque died from her injuries; the press release indicated.

Underwood was transported to a hospital for treatment and was pronounced dead by the Office of the Medical Investigator, per the release.

A Loving woman and a Texas man died in a fatal crash Friday night south of Carlsbad.

State police said alcohol appeared to be a factor in the crash. An officer tried to conduct a traffic stop on Underwood for a stop sign violation on San Jose Boulevard, according to the release.

Underwood allegedly refused to pull over and accelerated south on San Jose Boulevard towards the intersection of Kircher Street. He did not stop at the intersection and collided with the SUV.

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Police said seatbelts were only utilized by the occupants in the SUV. The crash is under investigation by the State Police Uniform Bureau with the assistance of the New Mexico State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit and Aerial Drone Team.

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