Mosaic Potash proposes waste pond near Carlsbad. Feds study impacts

Mosaic potash wants to add a waste pond to its mining operations in Eddy County and federal regulators sought input on environmental dangers. 

The company sought to augment its Carlsbad operations last year by expanding its tailings management system to include an additional pond for clay settling in the area.

Ultimately, the environmental assessment issued Monday by U.S. Bureau of Land Management found the impacts would be negligible.

Mosaic, along with Intrepid Potash, is one of two potash companies in the Carlsbad area – one of the first places in the U.S. where potash was discovered.

Potash is an ore made up of sodium phosphates used in myriad products from makeup to gunpowder. It was one of the first industries that led to Carlsbad becoming a hub of extraction ahead of its growth in the oil and gas sector.