MainStreet rejuvenation project gets boost with XTO donation

Carlsbad MainStreet's rejuvenation project includes the replacement of current benches in the MainStreet District with the financial support of XTO Energy.

On Sept. 23, Carlsbad MainStreet accepted a $30,000 donation from XTO Energy in support of its downtown rejuvenation project which will see the replacement of benches in the MainStreet district as well as other improvement projects.

Trash receptacles in the area will be replaced as part of the project, and antique light poles dotting Canyon Street and their globes will be updated said MainStreet Director Ashly Key.

Key said the organization is working to implement a new speaker and PA system in the downtown area to “to create a joyous atmosphere.” 

On Sept. 23, Key showcased the new benches which will be installed in the next few weeks. She said the initial order arrived Sept. 22. The project is financially supported by Nuclear Waste Partnership and Amentum with the help of the City of Carlsbad and Eddy County. 

Carlsbad MainStreet accepted a $30,000 donation from XTO Energy for its Downtown rejuvenation project on Sept. 23 at the gazebo on the lawn of the Eddy County Courthouse.

“We have with this $30,000 placed the order for the new benches and trash cans but these will complete the project on Canyon St.,” Key said. “We will be continuing to grow the rejuvenation project to continuing to make the MainStreet District the heart of our community.”

The check was delivered by XTO Energy Delaware Operations Superintendent Wes McSpadden and received by Key, Pat Davis, director of Pearl of the Pecos, and Susan Crockett chair of the Carlsbad MainStreet District board.