MainStreet and Pear of the Pecos team up for 2021 Farmers’ Market

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Local residents and vendors gather for the opening of the Carlsbad Farmers' Market, June 16, 2018 in downtown Carlsbad.

Carlsbad MainStreet and the Pearl of the Pecos Arts and Cultural District joined forces to create a major Carlsbad Downtown Farmers’ Market.

Both entities share the same boundary lines within the City of Carlsbad. MainStreet focuses on economic vitality and Pearl of the Pecos promotes arts and culture in Carlsbad.

“With our district being the exact same area it’s right for us to combine our efforts just to make downtown bigger and better and just to make everything have a variety of offerings,” said MainStreet Executive Director Ashly Key.

Carlsbad MainStreet Executive Director Ashly Key stands at the gazebo outside the Eddy County Courthouse, Sept. 14, 2020 in downtown Carlsbad.

Pearl of the Pecos Executive Director Kat Davis said in past years her group sponsored an artist booth at the Farmers’ Market.

“That’s where the collaboration began. There’s always crafters and makers that always sell at the Farmers’ Market. MainStreet and Pearl of the Pecos combined and made sure there was an artist spot at every Farmers’ Market,” she said.

Key and Davis said the 2020 Carlsbad Downtown Farmers’ Market featured actual farmers from Eddy County and their goods, though activities were limited due to COVID-19 health restrictions enacted by the State of New Mexico and other vendors were concerned about getting sick last year.

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Davis said Pearl of the Pecos and MainStreet would build on the partnership as the inaugural Farmers’ Market of 2021 starts May 20. The market would be open to the public 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the lawn of the Eddy County Courthouse.

Kathleen Davis, director of the Carlsbad Arts and Culture District stands in Halagueno Arts Park, Oct. 7, 2020 in downtown Carlsbad.

The Farmers’ Market closes for the season on Oct. 21.

Special events are planned on the third Thursday of each month throughout the summer.

“On those dates we’re just going to make more of an event out of the market. I’m going to focus on bringing a lot more crafters, artists, and vendors of those types in. Of course, we’ll still have our regular farmers, all of that going on. We just want to draw a lot people to the MainStreet and Arts and Cultural District and give them a reason to come out,” she said.

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