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The California based Lantern Crest (LC) senior living community recommends San Diego as an ideal spot for retirement living.

The LC community provides spacious facilities and exceptional amenities including delicious meals, fun activities, regular excursions, a swimming pool, gardens, a putting green and more to get their own residents. LC also provides retirees the opportunity to participate in a lively, socially attached lifestyle with continuing care for seniors. The LC community recommends learning more about what each kind of residence offers concerning care and services to find out which is right for oneself or for a loved one.

The assisted living alternative at the LC senior living area is for residents who’d like to keep their independence but need access to 24-hour care and high-quality support with their daily pursuits. Individuals living in this community make their daily schedules, choosing from a vast selection of activities, outings and events. The LC assisted living area can be found in the suburbs of San Diego and offers a sunny, small-town charm. Residents will enjoy excellent care and safety that allow them to pursue satisfying activities and social connections.

Residents have a choice between a studio or one-bedroom floor program for luxury living that suits their requirements. Amenities such as cable television, wi-fi and transport are also offered. The LC community can also be pet-friendly, perfect for individuals who do not wish to part with their pets as well as for those who are considering one.

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs), also known as Assisted Living centers, are places offering personal care and supervision. These facilities are if you can’t or choose not to live independently. Assisted living communities offer a vast range of alternatives in terms of the amount of care and diversity of providers. The LC community also requires care of making provisions to the social health of their residents too. They give help with food, housekeeping, storage and supervision and distribution of medication. Depending on a individual’s needs, LC can give them basic personal care support that includes dressing, eating, bathing and moving. Assisted living at LC is for those who want freedom and don’t require 24-hour nursing care. It’s great for those who want access to a certain level of care and supervision and are unable to live completely independently. The LC community has on-site around the clock trained employees to provide services if needed.

All activities and services which are arranged or provided for in the LC assisted living facility are designed to promote independence and quality of life for all residents. Every resident in LC receive individualized solutions to help them live successfully in the assisted living area. Services can include coordination of a residents own health care provider for dental and medical needs outside the community. Arrangements may include the supervision of medications and provision of personal care assistance. To estimate the LC site,”If a evening a resident can look after their own dressing and grooming, their independence is encouraged. Monitoring of the resident’s actions to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing is the objective.”

A perk of being at the LC community is easy access to a number of the best areas in San Diego. San Diego is a great place to retire to, with 55 communities filled with clubs and activities which may cumulatively meet any person’s varied interests and lifestyles. The LC facility offers many recreational amenities — and if that is not sufficient, there is the town of San Diego itself. Football and Baseball games, the ocean, theater, Balboa Park, SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo and great restaurants are available to retirees who wish to lead an energetic way of life.

Lantern Crest Senior Living Santee
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