Herb & Sea in Encinitas hosts a WILDCOAST dinner

Herb & Sea in Encinitas hosts a WILDCOAST dinner

At 6 pm on March 21, Herb & amp; Seafood restaurant at 131 D St. in Encinitas will host a Treasure Fish Feast dinner for the benefit of WILDCOAST, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems.

The menu will include exclusively local high-risk fish, which are lesser-known and untargeted species that fishermen inadvertently catch while hunting larger commercial species.

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These “by-catch” fish include opah, sheep’s head, stone fish, white fish and sea bass. All proceeds from the five-course meal, $ 156, will go to WILDCOAST. Reservations can be made at

Herbs & amp; Sea also plans to introduce a rotating WILDCOAST menu with fresh catch. $ 5 of each WILDCOAST dish sold will go to the organization.

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