Finding the right senior living care for your loved ones

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As the time approaches to consider senior living options for you or your loved ones, Steven Trahan with Assisted Living Locators has the right resources to help you find the right place.

With so many options out there, especially in San Diego County, exploring senior living care can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for families. As a care advisor, Trahan works closely with his clients to guide them through this difficult process and help them feel comfortable and confident with their decisions.

Since 2003, Assisted Living Locators has helped thousands of families find the best senior living option for their loved ones. The national company is one of the leading senior living and care placement services, with community-based care advisors like Trahan placed throughout the country to provide free support and guidance.

As the owner and care advisor of Assisted Living Locators’ San Diego County territory who is also dementia care certified, Trahan provides his clients information on every option: senior independent living, assisted living, in-home care, Alzheimer’s and memory care, as well as skilled nursing care. He listens to the needs of the family and the loved ones in need of care to find exactly the right fit.

“When a family reaches out to me, my first goal is to first listen to understand what’s going on with the individual — their needs for healthcare, budget, location and even aesthetic,” Trahan said. “Then much like a real estate agent I reach out and find properties that fit those parameters.”

Assisted Living Locators care advisors take a four-step approach to guiding you through the process of finding the best senior living option:

1. In-depth assessment of your needs

2. Thoughtful analysis and recommendations to provide a customized plan

3. Assistance with selection process, providing hands-on help and guidance reviewing services and amenities

4. Transition support to make the move smooth and worry free, while also following up to make sure expectations are being met at the community or home.

Trahan also assists families or individuals who aren’t quite ready to move into senior living care but are thinking ahead about the future.

Using a resource like Trahan at Assisted Living Locators takes away a lot of the stress and confusion that clients and families may otherwise experience while facing the many choices on their own.

“My job is to provide solutions so that they can feel safe, secure and have a piece of mind about where their loved one is,” Trahan said.

Trahan has great relationships with many senior living communities, elderly attorneys, case managers and home-care providers across the region. As an Assisted Living Locators care advisor, he doesn’t need to fit any quotas or special incentives for any facility. His only concern is to ensure that his clients receive the very best care that is right for them.

Trahan services the greater San Diego area. He also has clients who are bringing their families into the San Diego region from outside like two of his more recent clients coming from Boston and El Paso.

“Steven will work tirelessly to help find the best fit for your loved ones,” said Laura R. in a business review. “He’s a creative problem solver who will confidently and adeptly navigate through any challenge with humor and positivity. He’s passionate about helping other people in the most respectful, compassionate and committed manner.”

To learn more about Steven Trahan and Assisted Living Locators, visit or call 760-904-6017.

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