Eddy County zip code number one in New Mexico with most COVID-19 cases

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An Eddy County zip code stayed at No. 1 for three days this week in the New Mexico Department of Health’s (DOH) top-10 zip codes with the most COVID-19 cases.

The Carlsbad area 88220 zip code reported 28 new cases Tuesday, 23 on Wednesday and 26 on Thursday, read a DOH news release.

New COVID-19 cases in Eddy County rose for the past few weeks, per DOH data. Forty-five new positive cases were cited Thursday. Eddy County was behind Bernalillo County with 96 and San Juan County had 45.

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Wednesday Eddy County had 34 new cases and 33 new cases were reported Tuesday, per DOH.

DOH noted 86,861 total COVID-19 tests in Eddy County as of Friday morning with 7,290 total cases and 6,817 total recoveries.

DOH’s demographic breakdown indicated COVID-19 cases rose in Eddy County’s younger populations.

Eddy County residents were encouraged to fight COVID-19 after rising new cases.

In the 10 to 19 category there were 847 cases. In the 20 to 29 age group figures rose by almost 400 to 1,240. Cases peaked in the 30 to 39 group with 1,291.

As the population ages, numbers went down to 82 for those 90 and older, per DOH data.

Eddy County’s rising numbers concerned DOH, said Matt Beiber spokesperson.

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