Doctor discovers fast fix for dyslexia; treatment centers opening soon nationwide

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Poor readers don’t have to live with dyslexia any longer

Reading Without Limits, home to Dr. David Bloch’s patent-pending treatment for dyslexia, is expanding nationwide. Dr. Bloch is screening qualified candidates to become owners of Reading Without Limits testing and treatment centers.

As licensed providers, they’ll be able to help people who have dyslexia and other reading difficulties using Dr. Bloch’s innovative program.

The training and licensing opportunity for his trademark and copyright protected program is open to eye doctors, psychologists, teachers, home school educators and other uniquely qualified individuals. Once approved, licensees will be granted permission to provide his program as a “treatment only center” or a “testing and treatment center.”

The Business of ‘Reading Without Limits’

Expanding his innovative dyslexia treatment nationwide will bring a faster and more effective cure to people with dyslexia and other reading problems—many of whom are frustrated with slow, expensive traditional treatments.

New providers, trained and licensed by Dr. Bloch, will be self-employed and experts in testing and treating dyslexia sufferers. Due to the required medical education, eye doctors can provide testing and treatment. Other providers can only provide treatment and will need to partner with a local eye care provider.

Dyslexia Treatment: Provide Faster, More Effective Treatment

Up to 15% of the population has dyslexia. Up to 30% has some form of reading problem. Popular dyslexia treatments, such as Orton-Gillingham, can cost as much as $21,000 per year and leave students and their parents waiting three years or more for success.

Alternatively, the Reading Without Limits program can run a fraction of their cost and provide faster, more effective results.

“Students can learn to read proficiently in record time with the right tools. There are better resources available than what’s being promoted to the general public,” said Dr. Bloch. He went on to say, “Parents, students and teachers have been blown away at how well this program works.”

Reading Without Limits is a surprisingly successful dyslexia cure that doesn’t emphasize phonics, sight reading, picture books or verbal cues—fundamental to many treatment programs.

Most of Dr. Bloch’s patients need only to know the alphabet and be able to talk to see rapid results from his program.

“We’re combining visual, auditory, and cognitive drills to recalibrate how the brain processes information related to reading. Most people suffering from dyslexia have good speaking vocabularies and high intelligence. They just have difficulty reading,” said Dr. Bloch.

How You Can Provide ‘Reading Without Limits’

Dr. Bloch’s groundbreaking program is trademark protected, copyright protected and patent pending. Screened and qualified applicants who pay the licensing fees and complete training with him will be granted exclusive rights and territories. They can offer his innovative solutions to people with dyslexia and other reading problems in their neighborhood.

As part of the licensing agreement, providers will also receive marketing support. Prospective providers can apply by contacting Dr. Bloch and submitting a resume and reasons they believe they’re qualified (first-come first-served).

A Reading Without Limits treatment center could offer services at $75 to $175 per hour depending on their location (with a portion going to Dr. Bloch under the licensing agreement).

Considering that standard dyslexia treatments run into the tens of thousands of dollars, the financial benefits for a certified provider are clear.

Take the Next Step

If you want to be in the business of helping people and establish a treatment center, or interested in becoming an investor, visit and email [email protected].

If you’re an eye doctor, send an email to express your interest in establishing a treatment center or a combined testing and treatment center.

If your child needs reading help, schedule an evaluation by calling Dr. Bloch at (760) 730-3711


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