City of Carlsbad and NMDOT agree on $1M grant for work on Mermod Street

Barricade signs are in Carlsbad's future as the City Council approved a grant with the New Mexico Department of Transportation for rehabilitation work on Mermod Street.

An application for a $1 million rehabilitation project of a major Carlsbad street was approved Tuesday night by the Carlsbad City Council.

The City will submit the application to the New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT) to acquire money for fiscal year 2022 from the Local Government Road Grant Fund (LGRF), read city council documents.   

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Manon Arnett, spokesperson for the DOT’s District 2 office in Roswell said the LGRF is a designated fund with a 75 percent state match and a 25 percent local match.

“This program was created to provide funding to local governments for projects where local Entities take the lead in local road construction and maintenance projects,” she said.

Arnett said LGRF is a recurring fund that is divided between four DOT programs  based on formula set in state statue.