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• Cal State San Marcos student Ivan Gonzalez has been selected as the campus’ recipient of the 2021 Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement, the California State University’s highest recognition of student accomplishment. 

• Nicholas Bernhard of Encinitas received the Master of Science degree in Education at Wilkes University’s summer commencement ceremony on Sept. 12.

• Southern New Hampshire University named  Kelli Smith, Arianne Arnold, Rachel Mills and Roscoe Matthews-Tviet, of Oceanside, and Maribel Zetina of Vista to the summer 2021 dean’s list. On the president’s list were Oceanside’s Sheena Buteau, Jonathon Kosek, Alyssa Fleener, Kimberly Isla, Anitzia Chavez, Alexander Miller, Kamil Konopka, Faith Casey, Steven Beckett, Brittany MacDonald, Adriana Tritel and Christopher Nugent; Leroy King, Thomas Hiett and John Jeffreys, of Carlsbad; Jared Conway, David Zetina and Ami McGranahan, of San Marcos, and Eric Steinlicht of Vista.

• On the scholastic honor roll for summer 2021 at Oregon State University were Olivia B. Carney and Patrick T. Zimmer of Carlsbad; Melissa L. Vogt of Oceanside and Emma C. Dudley of Rancho Santa Fe.

• Cadets named to The Citadel’s dean’s list for spring 2021 semester included Christopher Morden of Vista and Grant Collier  of Rancho Santa Fe.


The Coast Guard Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening the Coast Guard community and service by supporting members and families, announced that it has awarded the Abbott L. Brown Scholarship to Ryane Quintanar, child of Coast Guard Petty Officer Zachary Quintanar, from San Marcos. 


Oceanside resident Rob Henderson, formerly senior vice president of operations, has been named chief operations officer for Westmont Living. According to Westmont Living CEO Andy Plant, “The addition of Rob Henderson to our executive group has immensely strengthened our leadership teams. Rob’s collaborative approach to building partnerships across the organization has significantly enhanced Westmont’s culture of continuous growth.”


David Graham, chief innovation officer for the city of Carlsbad, was given San Diego County’s Top Tech Award, which honors the region’s “unsung heroes” of information technology in the areas of business, education, government and nonprofits.

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