Rain welcome in city. Few incidents reported

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Thursday’s rain was very welcome. Our monitor at the airport reported 1.8 inches of rain, while individuals in north and central Carlsbad reported receiving more than 2.2 inches. A flood advisory was in effect for a portion of Thursday evening, with some requests for barricades near James Street. The chance of rain dropped Friday morning and there did not appear to be any significant issues in the morning. We hope to see more rain.

It is scholarship time in Carlsbad, and the Carlsbad Community Foundation announced this week that more than $130,000 has been awarded to local graduating seniors. Announcements for the 109 scholarships were made on the Foundation’s Web site at The scholarship award process began in January with a series of virtual meetings. The application process was open between Feb. 1 and Feb. 21.

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Just to name a few, the Louis Whitlock Scholarship this year went to Olivia Quintana, while the Kathryn Jay Sepich Memorial Scholarship recipient was Kamili Burnett. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship recipients this year were Kadence Edgell and Luis Medrano. City of Carlsbad Intern Valeria Quezada was selected for the NMLTA Chili Currier Memorial Scholarship. The Class of ’62 Scholarship recipients were Jaeden Chavez and Sebastien Trujillo. The Class of ’72 honored Kinley Counts. JohnPaul Gonzales was selected for the 1st Lt George “Jorge” W. Hernandez Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to every one of the 109 recipients.

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