MiraCosta completes San Elijo Campus administration building

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ENCINITAS — Construction has been completed for the new Student Services and Administration Building at the MiraCosta Community College District’s San Elijo Campus, it was announced today.

The building replaces the previous administration building and consolidates student services on campus into a single location.

The $13.9 million facility was designed to “provide a welcoming new gateway for the San Elijo Campus,” a district statement reads.

It is the first major new building completed under the district’s $455 Measure MM construction bond program.

“We wanted to make sure the first of the major new facilities was geared toward improving our ability to provide student support services,” said

Tom Macias, MiraCosta’s director of facilities. “Not only have we centralized these services into a one-stop facility, but its position at the front of the campus also improves access and wayfinding for our students and visitors.”

The San Elijo facility includes 10,770 square feet of space to support programs and services, including admission and records, financial aid and counseling.

It also includes offices for the campus administration.

It was designed with large portions of the building as exterior covered spaces.

The covered areas create seating and spaces for students to study, gather and socialize — when they can return to campus under post-pandemic guidelines.

The building is organized along a central circulation spine with separate entrances for students; staff and faculty are located at each end.

The main building lobby is situated in the southwest corner of the site, with views out to the lagoon.

The building’s facade is intended to complement the exposed bluff faces surrounding the campus, using split-face concrete blocks to mimic the texture of the bluffs.

An art walk is in the building arcade and will eventually feature student murals on interchangeable wall-mounted panels.

The demolition of the existing non-functional administration building allows for the creation of a campus quad. Work on the quad is scheduled to begin in spring 2022.

Two renovation projects are currently underway at the San Elijo campus.These include a $2.4 million renovation of the student center and science labs.

Both projects are on track to be completed at the end of this year, district officials said.

An ADA-compliant student drop-off was also installed at the entry to the San Elijo Campus as part of this project.

A new student services center is also wrapping up construction at the district’s Community Learning Center Campus.

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