Lawsuit: Encinitas mayor and state Senate candidate refuse to apologize for blocking criticism on Facebook


Catherine Blakespeare accused of violating a settlement agreement earlier this year to pay $5,000 and formally apologize to those stuck.

ENCINITAS, Calif. – Encinitas Mayor and State Senate candidate Catherine Blakespear faces yet another lawsuit for blocking members of the public from her on Facebook and other social media.

The lawsuit, filed by five members of the public, who include city council candidate, former firefighter and County Assessor candidate Jordan Marks, says Blakespear is refusing to comply with a May 2022 settlement agreement that required her to issue a formal apology and pay $5,000 for blocking people criticizing her on social media.

The five plaintiffs say they are among the many others Blakespear has shut down from her social media accounts, pages they say the North County politician uses to promote her run for state senate as well as post her accomplishments and city events.

In recent years, politicians across the state have struggled with how to control their public social media accounts.

In 2019, a federal appeals court in Virginia ruled Facebook and public officials’ social media profiles are part of a “public forum,” making them unable to stop people from expressing their opinions.

Beginning in 2021, Blakespeare prevented several individuals from logging into her campaign’s Facebook page after they posted comments critical of her and her political ideology.

In one case, plaintiff J. Garvin Walsh posted the following comment in response to a post Blakespear had published about the January 6 riot. Wrote Walsh, “I guess there are now millions who voted for Biden who regret doing so. Kind of like some of the people who voted for you in 2020.”

Not long after Walsh found himself unable to access Blakespear’s account.

Walsh, according to the lawsuit, was just one of more than 30 other people Blakespear banned from viewing her Facebook page.

“Blocking and removing plaintiffs and others prevented them from participating in, discussing, or commenting on matters of public interest that Blakespear communicated through her Facebook page; it prevented them from viewing Blakespear’s Facebook page, or from viewing comments made by others, and it prevented them to comment on or share her Facebook page in the future,” the lawsuit reads.

Those who were blocked sued Blakespear and in May of this year, the two sides reached an agreement that required a public apology and that the Encinitas mayor pay 5,000 USD.

However, plaintiffs in the case say Blakespear did not live up to her side of the bargain.

According to the $5,000 payment, the lawsuit alleges that Blakespear attempted to pay the amount through a now-defunct campaign committee.

“The name ‘Catherine Blakespear’ means the person of Catherine Blakespear,” the complaint reads. “It doesn’t mean an entity. It doesn’t mean her campaign located in Sacramento. Catherine Blakespear means Catherine Blakespear.”

The plaintiffs in the case also say Blakespear did not issue a public apology and instead accused them of harassing her on political grounds.

Reads the lawsuit, “Blakespear was asked three times simply to honor the settlement agreement she signed – to pay the $5,000 and issue the apology. However, remarkably, Blakespear refused. It would have been easy for Blakespear to avoid this lawsuit, but she refused. to comply with the Agreement which she signed. Therefore, Blakespear brought this lawsuit. This lawsuit is a direct result of Blakespear’s failure to abide by the Agreement she freely entered into.”

However, Blakespear’s campaign manager, Kevin Sabellico says the new lawsuit is the same as the old ones and is just another political pot shot at the Encinitas Mayor and state senate candidate.

“I said it in May, I said it in July, and I’ll say it again now that it’s October: this is just another in a long line of predictable, politically motivated, right-wing attacks on Mayor Blakespear designed to entertain. voters…”

Sabellico added, “There continues to be no merit or validity to these claims. The actions of the mayor and those of her campaign have always been and always will be in accordance with the California State Senate’s published social media policy, and although this policy does not is.-linking candidates, the mayor holds her campaign to the highest ethical standards – and she always will.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune – San Diego, California & National News.

Does San Diego have a newspaper?

The San Diego Union-Tribune – San Diego, California & National News.

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Where is the San Diego Union-Tribune located?

May 23, 2015, front page
Headquarters600 B Street San Diego, California, USA
Circulation121,321 daily (2017) 160,154 Sunday (2017)
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