Deputy: A golden retriever was kidnapped outside an Encinitas home


ENCINITAS, Calif. (KGTV) – A North County family is hoping new surveillance video will be the key to recovering their gold, in a case that deputies are treating as a robbery.

For several long weeks, the daily visits of Denise Reppenhagen’s dog have been missing one of her fur babies.

“He is very sweet, very loving. Our house is empty without him. “Life is not the same without Finn,” said Reppenhagen.

Finn, her one-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever, has been missing since the morning of October 9. Reppenhagen says that around 9:30 a.m., her daughter arrived at their home on Hollyridge Drive.

“He went inside and closed the garage, and he didn’t realize that Finn was still outside,” said Reppenhagen.

Minutes later, the video shows Finn barking near his house, as an Amazon delivery driver parks outside the house.

At 9:42 am, order confirmation shows a package containing face cream was delivered to Reppenhagen’s front door.

In the video, you can see the driver picking up the package before driving up, hidden by a bush.

A few minutes later, the woman is in her car with Finn, when she puts the dog in the car.

For Reppenhagen, the video is difficult to watch. He points out that the woman makes no effort to find Finn’s owner.

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe he’s taking our dog,” said Reppenhagen.

Since Finn’s disappearance, Reppenhagen has wasted no time filing a report with deputies, calling shelters, and spreading the word online, but weeks later, there’s still no sign of Finn, who has a microchip.

My emotions go up and down. “There are days when I can’t stop crying,” said Reppenhagen.

Reppenhagen also contacted Amazon, filed a complaint and provided the videos.

“Amazon has announced its own internal investigation into this incident,” Reppenhagen said.

While he waits for word, he continues to search, chasing leads every day.

“I feel hopeful because I have to feel hopeful. I will not give up,” said Reppenhagen.

A $1,000 reward is offered for Finn’s return.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Coast Sheriff’s Station at 760-966-3500.

ABC 10News has reached out to Amazon for comment and is waiting to hear back.

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How does a dog feel when rehomed?

When the dog is brought home it may experience feelings of anxiety and panic. Anxiety can manifest itself in excessive whining and barking. A dog from careless owners will appear shy and reluctant. It is important to remain patient with your dog and remain calm.

Do dogs get sad when they get a new owner? Most dogs don’t just forget about their previous owners when they are adopted by new ones, at least not right away. When a dog spends a long time with another person, it tends to become clingy. Some dogs may seem a bit depressed at first when they are suddenly taken out of their familiar environment.

How long does it take for a dog to adjust to a new owner?

There are things we can do to help them settle and feel safe in those first few days. However, remember that it usually takes three weeks for a dog or puppy to start to feel ‘at home’ and show its true nature.

Do dogs miss their owners when rehomed?

It is common for dogs to grieve the loss of a close companion who is gone. Although they may not understand the magnitude of missing a person, dogs understand the emotions of losing someone who is no longer a part of their daily life.

How long does it take a dog to adjust after rehoming?

Whether you’re rescuing an old dog or a puppy, most dogs tend to follow the 3-3-3 rule of habituation: 3 days of feeling stressed and scared. 3 weeks stay. 3 months to build trust and bond with you.

How long does it take for a rehomed dog to settle?

It usually takes time for rescue dogs to get used to their new homes. You should expect it to be difficult for the first week or so. However, you will begin to see significant improvement after three weeks, and they will probably be fully seated after three months.

What is the 3 Day 3 Week 3 month rule?

The ‘Rule of Three’ means that you can estimate the time it will take your dog to become fully habituated to his home in three times: three days, three weeks and three months. Think of your puppy’s first 3 days as a time to lose weight when he moves from the shelter or kennel to your home.

How long does it take a dog to adjust to Rehomed?

After three weeks, most dogs are relaxed and acting like they’re home now, but they don’t really fit into your schedule until about three months have passed.†Give it time. . Remember, even if you do everything right, a new dog may take time to feel at home. But it’s worth waiting.

Do rehomed dogs feel abandoned?

What is that? As mentioned above, any rehoming will be stressful for dogs. Especially if there was a good relationship between the dog and its first owner. This can cause our pets to experience confusion, anxiety, and, unfortunately, abandonment.

Do dogs think they’ve been abandoned?

Our dogs won’t think we’ve abandoned them if we go on vacation. A secure and well-adjusted dog will also be able to cope well if you are gone. However, for some dogs, the experience can be stressful and they may become anxious, even refusing to eat in your absence.

How do dogs feel when you rehome them?

When a canine is stressed from home to home, it can have digestive problems. This can include vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss. Some dogs may shake or shake uncontrollably due to stress or produce excessive drooling.

What do I do with my dead dog?

Your local veterinarian will be in a good position to deal with the disposal of a dead dog, and if you wish to have it handled by them, call as soon as possible. Your vet should be able to arrange collection and burial or cremation afterwards, depending on your preference.

What to do if your dog dies in the middle of the night? Contact Your Veterinarian Alternatively, if it’s the middle of the night or a holiday, you can try contacting a 24-hour emergency office (if one is nearby). They may have a way to put you in touch with someone who can take the pet’s body (like a crematorium or vet service).

How long can you keep a dog after it dies?

Depending on your decision, you may have to keep the body in your home for a short time. A well-chilled body can be held for up to 24 hours, but the sooner it can be moved, the better.

How long should you wait to get a dog after one dies?

Most experts agree that the time to get a new pet is after you’ve worked through your grief enough to be able to look forward to a new pet rather than going back to the old one. leave. That process can take a week or two – or many months.

How long does it take for a dog’s body to get stiff after death?

Note that joint stiffness – the stiffness of the joints after death – will begin to set in after three to four hours.

What do you do when your dog dies at home?

Call Your Veterinarian The vet’s office will take your dog’s remains and dispose of them or store them for you before cremation or burial. They may know about resources such as a crematorium or a mobile vet service.

What is the best thing to do after your dog dies?

If your pet dies at home, stay calm and follow the dos and don’ts below.

  • Make sure the pet is dead. Animals often sleep quietly for long periods of time. …
  • Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. …
  • DO place a towel under the pet’s tail and mouth. …
  • DO get other pets to smell the dead pet.

How much does it cost to adopt from Helen Woodward?

Adoption Fee: $525 including microchip fee. All pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center are spayed or neutered, have up-to-date vaccinations and microchip information.

How can I surrender my dog ​​in San Diego? Surrendering a pet to the San Diego Humane Society To surrender your pet, please call our resource center at 619-299-7012.

Is Helen Woodward nonprofit?

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is a unique, independent, non-profit organization in San Diego County that, for more than 40 years, has been committed to the philosophy of people helping animals and animals helping people.

Does San Diego Humane Society euthanize animals?

The San Diego Humane Society offers post-surrender euthanasia services for pet owners at a reduced cost of $50. This service does not include a hospice option. (Note: We do not euthanize healthy pets.) Owner euthanasia can be arranged by appointment.

How much does euthanasia cost in San Diego?

Type of FeeGive TitlePayment
Owner Requests EuthanasiaPlace of residence$50.00
Owner Requests EuthanasiaCremation – 30-79 kg$30.00
Owner Requests EuthanasiaBurning – 80 kg$55.00

How do I dispose of a dead pet in San Diego?

To request the removal of a dead animal from a public right-of-way, use the City’s “Get it Done” app or call Environmental Services at (858) 694-7000 from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is also the number you can use for follow-up messages and emergencies.

Will a rescue take a dog that bites?

Many rescue groups will not accept dogs with a history of biting, and shelters that do accept them will often euthanize them, rather than take the risk (and responsibility) of placing them in a home. new.

Are dogs put out when they bite? Will Animal Control Take My Dog For Bite? Yes. Animal control may place your dog in custody if you “catch it.†In some cases, you may be able to stop this if you are in the area of ​​an animal attack (such as a dog park), or people. stakeholders do not want to press charges (if the bite was small).

Is it possible to rehome a dog with a bite history?

If you are rehoming a dog that has bitten a person or another animal, it is important to be transparent about the dog’s bite history. Depending on the location and severity of the bite, rescue groups may not be able to ethically or legally rehome the dog.

Can a dog who has bitten be trusted again?

Can a Bite Dog Be Trusted Again? With enough patience and care, most dogs can learn to manage their stress levels successfully. As you build good communication skills with your dog, you will also begin to rebuild your trust in him.

What happens to aggressive dogs in shelters?

Some shelters will not accept aggressive dogs. Some may praise them if they threaten the lives of other dogs. Additionally, they may not have the resources to retrieve the dog. If so, try to find a no-kill shelter.

When to put down a dog who bites?

Euthanasia may be required after a dog bite in California if the dog has rabies, if the dog has bitten at least 2 people, or if the dog has bitten and caused serious injury to another person, and has been euthanized attack people or fight. Unless the dog has rabies, he needs to be vetted before the dog is killed.

What happens if dog bites twice?

California Dangerous Dog Laws Anyone can file a lawsuit against the owner of a dog that bit a person twice (on separate occasions) or the owner of a trained attack dog that seriously injured a person with just one bite.

Should I put my dog down for biting?

If the dog has a history of biting, it is important to note the frequency and severity of the bite that occurred. In general, the more or more often you are bitten, the more likely you are to consider euthanizing your dog.

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