Eddy County records 146th overall COVID-19 death Thursday

The New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) confirmed Eddy County’s 146th overall COVID-19 death Thursday.

The man was in his 30s, and was hospitalized with underlying medical conditions before his death, read a DOH news release.

The death was the third in Eddy County over the last seven days and DOH noted two other deaths in New Mexico Thursday as the number of overall deaths across the State reached 4,419.

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DOH reported 61 new COVID-19 cases in Eddy County Thursday. Overall, the County had 7,575 total cases as of Friday morning.

Nearly 90,000 people received COVID-19 tests in Eddy County and 6,824 people recovered as of Friday morning, per DOH.

The Carlsbad area 88220 zip code continued to remain at or near the top of New Mexico’s top-10 zip codes this week with the newest COVID-19 cases.

A sign at the Eddy County Public Health Office in Artesia reminds people to get tested for COVID-19 on Aug. 5, 2021. The New Mexico Department of Health reported three COVID-19 deaths in Eddy County as Aug. 5, 2021.

Thursday, the 88220 zip code had 45 new cases. An Albuquerque area zip code was second with 35 and a Clovis zip code was third with 30, according to DOH.

Eddy County’s demographic breakdown indicated COVID-19 remained high in younger populations, per DOH data.

As of Friday morning, Eddy County’s 20 to 29 age group had 1,297 cases. Numbers rose to 1,333 in the 30 to 39 category. The number of cases decreased as the population aged. The lowest cases remained in the 90 and older category with 84.

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DOH reported 671 new COVID-19 cases across New Mexico Thursday. The overall new case count across the State was 213, 247.

As of Thursday, there were 203 individuals hospitalized in New Mexico for COVID-19 and there were 197,222 COVID-19 cases designated as having recovered by DOH.

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