Carlsbad Water Park reopens after year off from COVID-19

Carlsbad residents appeared ready to get back to the Carlsbad Water Park this year after the COVID-19 pandemic closed it down in 2020.

“We were glad to be back and excited about the opportunity to again serve the public,” said Water Park Manager Brad Alperts.

The Water Park opened May 22 and more than 13,000 people visited during a period from May 22 to June 27, per data released by the City of Carlsbad.

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Kyle Marksteiner, City of Carlsbad spokesperson, said 11,443 people paid to use the Water Park and 2,036 people non-paying people were admitted.

He said non-paying people included those with passes, under 3 years of age and over 61 years of age.

Marksteiner added the Water Park had 24 private parties during the May to June period.

Children from Carlsbad and the surrounding areas cool down in the pools and slides of the Carlsbad Water Park, during the grand opening, May 26, 2018 on Park Drive.

Alperts expressed disappointment with the shuttered Water Park last year and said lifeguards were not idle, they protected the Beach and were busy with other projects.

Jose Orozco, head lifeguard at the Water Park, welcomed people back to the Water Park when it opened on May 22.

“I actually enjoy the Water Park being open. Although somedays are a little bit slower than others,” he said.

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Orozco spent the past four years as a lifeguard and one year as head lifeguard.